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Trivia / Game of Thrones S1E6: "A Golden Crown"

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  • Ability over Appearance: George RR Martin initially thought Natalia Tena was far too pretty when she was up for the role of Osha - who was imagined as a weather-beaten older woman. Yet once he saw the tape...
    "She was sensational, and I said 'it's gotta be her'..."
  • Enforced Method Acting: The prop heart was quite disgusting (unflavored gummy candy injected with sugary fake blood), and Emilia Clarke wasn't acting when Daenerys nearly throws up while eating it.
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  • Refitted for Sequel: The Targaryen entry in the book was intended to be shown in "Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things" when Ned first reads it. But that shot wasn't used, so it appears here instead.
  • Throw It In!: Bryan Cogman when writing the book of lineages included some fan message board names as a joke.

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