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  • Bonus Episode: Between Replay season one and two, two straight up bonus episodes were released. Other times, bonus episodes are used to mark holidays, special events, and even blog posts.
    • A couple bonus episodes for Super Replays have also been made, featuring content that was edited out, as in the case of Half-Life, or to show a different ending, as with [[Video Game/Illbleed Illbleed]]
  • Old Shame: Replay 2048 was the first new second segment of Season 2, appearing with the season's debut episode, GoldenEye. The segment was so poorly received, it was promptly retired and been made the subject of many jokes in the two plus years since its appearance.
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  • The Pete Best: Despite being around for awhile past when the show hit its stride with the Overblood Super Replay, many people tend to forget that Phil Kollar was on the show and was an early main cast member. The others in the main cast have since gone out of their way to pretend to forget who he is, pretend he doesn't exist or to insult him (as a joke) when they remember him.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: Due to the fact that the cast members often talk about whatever they feel like, they often bring up things either happening to them or in the world currently. One example being when semi-rare cast member Matt Helgeson brought up a fire that was going on in Minneapolis during an episode of Super Replay.

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