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  • Black Sheep Hit: The Mnemosyne OP, "Alsatia", is something of a subversion; it is the song that brought the band popularity in anime fan circles, but it is heavier than most of their output and isn't even Power Metal to begin with. Instead, it is Metalcore with symphonic and Electronic Music sounds.
  • One-Hit Wonder: Sort of as the songs "Alsatia" and "Cause Disarray" are popular amongst anime fans due to their use as the opener and closer respectively for Mnemosyne.
  • What Could Have Been: The band was actually getting notice overseas as of 2009. Had they stayed neoclassical metal and had Yama-B stayed in the band, they could have likely broken into the US market and/or had major success what with the return of neoclassical and thrash as popular styles among metalheads. Instead, their change managed to not only alienate much of their fanbase but fall so far short of what they seemed to be trying for (an attempt at cloning X Japan's formula for success including a Toshi impersonator for a vocalist) that they pretty much fell back to square one as a band. In what seems to be an extreme case of irony, they've been pretty much overshadowed by the band they took inspiration from - X Japan has been massively successful internationally as of late.
    • Though, to their credit, they are slowly rebuilding their fanbase inside Japan and are beginning to gain international notice again, with their return to neoclassical metal and their slow but steady improvement aside from the vocalist. It seems they may end up with a similar situation to the band they copied after all.

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