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  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game's betas and demos had some things changed throughout the game's development:
      • Originally, if you knocked on Harrison's door enough times to make him answer you, his side quest would have been become locked as he angrily kicks Gus out of his house.
      • In the prologue, Gus' hat was originally purple instead of white.
      • Elieen originally had the Zeal essence instead of Conquest.
      • The player could have originally picked which guiding essence Gus will have at the town meeting. This was changed so that it depended on your answers on the questionnaire.
      • In earlier builds of the game, you had the option to kill almost anybody that you encounter. This included Jimmy, Jeff, The Slime Duo, Dave, Tac, and Stumpy. The developer stated on the game's Discord that the reason it was removed was because it's out-of-character for Gus to murder people in cold blood and it caused issues with the story.
      • The player was originally going to have the option to pick between Gus and a woman named Gina. It was scrapped due to the developer realizing that if they were going to go through with it, they would've wanted to give Gina her own personality different from Gus, which would've complicated development.

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