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Trivia / G.I. Joe PSAs

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  • Executive Meddling/Streisand Effect - Hasbro tried and succeeded in getting Fensler to take the videos off his site. But that didn't stop the rest of the Internet from holding onto them!
  • Referenced by...:
    • Two button options in one Kingdom of Loathing adventure are "Give 'im the stick" and "DOOOOON'T GIVE 'IM THE STICK!" (from #5). Another adventure includes the two options "Pull The Lever" and "DOOOOOON'T PULL THE LEVER!"
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    • The pork chop sandwich item begins by quoting Blowtorch in #7.
    • The "Fireball" item in Borderlands 2 has the flavor text "Porkchop sandwiches!"
    • In The Venture Bros., 21 wears a Porkchop Sandwiches t-shirt when out of uniform.
    • In Two Best Friends Play, Pat wants Katie to shut her mouth and make him some porkchop sandwiches.
    • In PAYDAY 2's Alesso heist, at one point the pyro booth hardware will catch on fire, at which point the technician giving you directions over the intercom may spout "You guys cookin' porkchop sandwiches up there?! Fix it!" before quietly muttering "I'm a computer..."
    • Saints Row: The Third has a mission titled "Stop All the Downloading". There's also an achievement called "Porkchop Sandwiches".
    • The Gmod Idiot Box referenced the "Help Computer" PSA in a skit mocking Watch_Dogs


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