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Applies to Total Xtreme Island/Action

  • Creator Backlash: Delta Xtreme, the primary author of the story, looks back on episodes 1-14 as something he isn't very proud of, openly admitting to the fact that he doesn't think they're very good. He has even stated that during some of his episodes, he was drunk while writing them. He's a good sport about it though, and will often joke about their quality along with everyone else.
    • Fuzzboy has admitted to seeing Total Xtreme Action as his least favorite season to work on overall, stating that on lookback it was very dull in the challenge department and that he regrets several plotlines(Citing Cynthia's as probably his biggest regret). He has also noted that he personally finds it the hardest to read and least funny season, with the only competition being pre-merge Total Xtreme Island.
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  • Creator Breakdown: Around the mid-way point of the story, Delta was going through a lot of personal problems and was having a serious of emotional and mental breakdowns in the process, which continued past episode 14. However, from episode 15 and on, his condition has improved infinitely. Secondary writer and close friend of Delta, Fuzzboy, has also looked back on the episodes with distaste, but is usually much more cruel towards the episodes' quality and is more than willing to say just how bad they were.
  • Development Hell: The author's original story apparently never finished due to personal issues in real life. Him announcing this story was basically the first time any of the community had seen him in years.
  • Hire the Critic: Starting from Chapter 15, regular reviewer Fuzzboy became the official co-writer for the story.
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  • Never Live It Down: Delta will never be allowed to forget the fact that he had SHIT as such a recurring element in the story.
  • Old Shame: The first fourteen episodes of the series by far. The rest of the story is actually beloved for the most part though, and the latter half is often said to redeem all of the issues with the first half. Episodes 1, 5, 7, and 11 seem to have it the worst though. Episode 1 is seen as an absolutely disgusting and unenjoyable first experience with the story, which likely drove many potential fans away, causing Delta to look back terribly on it. Episode 5 has possibly the least memorable or original challenge, with Delta stating that he found it a chore to write. Episode 7 is DESPISED for being the most disgusting episode of the series, and eliminating an Ensemble Dark Horse for seemingly little reason, though both writers now acknowledge that the story today wouldn't be the same without it. Episode 11 is probably the most hated chapter though for it's small length, the return of Hyde to the competition, the debut of new contestant, Tempest, for seemingly little to no reason, and due to the chapter as a whole feeling rushed and like Delta put the absolute bare minimum effort into the episode.
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  • Troubled Production: Due to the creator's personal issues before this story, it had sort of been trapped in Development Hell for awhile.
  • What Could Have Been: Yu was originally planned to be the first contestant eliminated in episode one, and later was planned to leave in episode three. Both times he was kept around to either eliminate a more boring contestant, or to service the plot.

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