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The musical

  • Star-Making Role: For Barbra Streisand.
  • Troubled Production: The show went on to be a hit, but its pre-Broadway tryout suffered serious troubles. The opening performance in Boston was practically a fiasco. Feuds arose between Barbra Streisand and Sydney Chaplin, and between everyone and the notoriously temperamental Jerome Robbins when he took over from credited director Garson Kanin. Ghostwriters struggled to keep up with rewrites demanded by Streisand and the Arnstein family (the show's producer was Nick Arnstein's son-in-law). Chaplin's part became equal to Streisand's in billing only; a secondary female role played by Allyn Ann McLerie was written out entirely. Dozens of songs were thrown out ("People" almost becoming one of them), and dance routines were in a constant state of flux. The final scene was rewritten 42 times, and its final version was being rehearsed immediately prior to the Broadway opening, which had been repeatedly postponed.
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  • What Could Have Been: A then-little known Carol Burnett was considered for the role of Fanny in the original theatrical version.

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