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  • Creator Provincialism: At one point, Tess eats some field rations: North Carolina-style BBQ and coleslaw. StarSword actually lives in North Carolina, and in the author's note at the end, he notes the recipe (chopped pork w/ vinegar sauce) is good.
  • Shrug of God: StarSword commented in the author's notes that the Samus Is a Girl moment with Dalsh Ruul came out of him blending the novelverse interpretation of the Breen as a multi-species alliance with a bit of the Tau Empire from Warhammer 40,000.
    StarSword: So maybe Ruul is a human defector, or maybe she’s from a far-flung colony world that the Breen took over, or which joined voluntarily. In any case, now she is not human, she is Breen.


  • Billing Displacement: The closing credits are completely random.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • France: Tale of Vampires
    • Hungary: Hoarfrost
    • Russia: 30 Days Before Dawn
    • Turkey: Dawn of Vampires
  • Enforced Method Acting: This film had in no ways the money to shot the outdoor scenes in a studio with fake snow. It was actually shot in the northern part of Sweden during winter, but not during the polar night against the director's wishes. It was so cold that actress Grete Havnesköld, who played Saga, started to cry, the actors playing the vampires had to walk around covered in blood during freezing rain, said freezing rain created a layer of "ice armor" of all of the film equipment and the cold caused the cameras to break down.
  • The Foreign Subtitle: Became Frostbitten: 30 Days of Night in Spain.
  • Playing Against Type: Frostbite is the one Swedish film with a target audience above 12 that does not take a turn to be dark and depressing but rather cheerfully shows all the teens meeting either brutal death at the hands of the unholy demons or losing their immortal souls becoming said demons.
  • What Could Have Been: Originally, writer Daniel Ojanlatva intended the three storylines in the film to play out separately rather than intercut between each other. That way no one would understand fully the evil plot of the villain until the very end of the film.
    • Originally, Cissi met a completely different fate than in the final film. She was originally supposed to be chased by the Shape in an grocery store where she worked, escape him, only to be run over by Jacob and Mona. This was cut for budget reasons and instead she was written into the party as the girl getting mauled by John.