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  • Acting for Two: All of the characters who have doubles on the other side.
    • Anna Torv acts for three: Olivia, Alternate Olivia, and William Bell (when his consciousness possesses Olivia's body)
  • Actor Allusion:
    • Peter mentions the remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers to Olivia. This version starred Leonard Nimoy, who plays William Bell.
    • Walter's research on LSD-induced hallucinations that can grant the subject clairvoyance is similar to the plot of the book (and later film) Altered States. The film version starred Blair Brown, who plays Nina Sharp.
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    • Among William Bell's books in the episode "Concentrate and Ask Again" is a copy of a book by Dr. Spock. Another Leonard Nimoy reference.
    • Peter and Olivia meet with a conspiracy theorist who believes himself to be Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series. You should already know who played Spock. Additionally, the conspiracy theorist is played by Clint Howard who also appeared as a guest star in one of the first Star Trek episodes. More of a Director Allusion, but the story that he tells is somewhat similar to the plot line of Star Trek (2009). However, this was probably intentional as the episode aired in the opening week of the film, and therefore was used to promote it in the process.
    • The episode "Stowaway" involves a woman named Grey who is suicidal after losing her family. The climax of the episode involves a train bombing. Who was she played by? Amanda Greystone.
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    • The Season 4 finale featured another character played by Rebecca Mader who near death starting talking like a child. Albeit this time Mader's character's mind reverted to a child's after death, not prior to it.
    • Walter is fixated on the death of his son to the point of insanity. Rather like John Noble's character in The Lord of the Rings.
    • In the fourth season, when David Robert Jones is arrested, they briefly note that they called the Scotland Yard because of his accent. Jared Harris has faced the Scotland Yard before.
    • Joe Flanigan being killed by a lifeforce vampire in his Season 4 appearance can't be a coincidence.
    • This isn't the first time Brad Dourif tries bringing the end of mankind.
    • Henry Higgins alludes to a troubled backstory in his first appearance, while empathizing with Olivia. Andre Royo is famous for his portrayal of a drug addict in The Wire.
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  • Actor-Shared Background: Both Peter and Josh Jackson have mothers who are from Ireland.
  • Director Allusion:
    • The alternate universe Fringe team from "Over There, Part 1" is filled with thinly veiled expies of Alias characters.
    • In Entrada 3x08, Alt-Broyles and Olivia have an exchange that mirrors, almost exactly, an exchange between Sydney Bristow and Vaughn.
    • Broyles's ex-wife is named Diane, as was the wife of Marcus Dixon from ALIAS. Broyles and Dixon are both black men in a leader/mentor position relative to the heroine of their shows.
  • Fake American: Anna Torv (Olivia) and John Noble (Walter) are Australian, and Joshua Jackson (Peter) is Canadian.
  • Fake Brit: Sebastian Roché, who plays British Thomas Newton, is French.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • A common fan nickname for alternate universe Walter was "Walternate." Guess what Walter calls him as of episode "Peter."
    • Altivia, Bolivia, Fauxlivia, or, to some especially uncharitable Peter/Olivia shippers, Holivia. It's worth noting that the fans are fiercely divided on which Fan Nickname to use. The series has decided on 'Bolivia'. Walter has decided on Fauxlivia, however.
    • And now there's Belivia. Really.
    • Altstrid.
    • Ellanate.
    • Charlnate (or Scarlie) and Lincolnate - though who the latter refers to is a source of debate among the fandom, since Lincoln is a much more prominent character in the alt universe. Some people have taking to referring to the Lincoln on "our" side as 'Kennedy', since Walter called him that once.
    • Meana Sharp for the alternate Nina in the Amber universe that is working with Jones
    • Fans refer to themselves as Cortexifans.
    • The Polivia shippers call themselves "benchwarmers."
    • September was renamed Sasstember after he actually makes a joke in 5x11.
    • The Man In The X T-Shirt is usually referred to as "Mr. X", "Zeppelin Man", or "Man X."
  • Friday Night Death Slot: Was moved here midway through its third season. It's been renewed for season 4, meaning Fringe has actually survived the Friday Night Death Slot, making this only the third Friday/9PM show (after Millenium and Dollhouse) to get renewed since X-Files left.
    • Although it was likely a coincidence (the name comes from a line of dialogue from the episode), it is amusing that the first episode aired after its move to Friday was "The Firefly," sharing the name of Firefly, another science-fiction show that aired on FOX that was canceled after a move to a Friday timeslot.
  • Name's the Same: Thomas Jerome Newton: see also The Man Who Fell to Earth. The similar background stories (They are not from this earth) makes this a deliberate Shout-Out.
  • Network to the Rescue: Season 4 saw a mild drop in critical acclaim and a large drop in viewers, essentially spelling the end of the show, ESPECIALLY since it was on Fox...right? Wrong! Fox renewed it for a 13 episode fifth and final season instead to let them finish up their story, and bring the episode number up to 100 so that it could be syndicated.
  • The alternate comic-book covers briefly seen in Over There Pt. 2 aren't just alterations of the originals; they were apparently redrawn basically from scratch. (DC is publishing the little-known Fringe comic book anyway.)
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Gene, the team cow. The cow used in the pilot had to be replaced because of livestock restrictions.
    • The Observer child, Michael, due to Spencer List visibly aging, in the final season he was portrayed by Rowan Longworth.
  • Rewatch Bonus: A lot of people miss it initially, but as his Episode Appearances above shows, September appears in nearly every single episode after his introduction. Most of his early appearances he is there for a VERY brief background appearance, usually at the start of the episode before the Event of the Episode happens. He doesn't usually do anything, he is just standing or walking by, Observing.
  • Romance on the Set: Anna Torv married Mark Valley, who played her partner and lover in the pilot, but they separated after a year.
  • Viral Marketing: In J. J. Abrams fashion. Massive Dynamic has their own website.


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