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  • Dummied Out + What Could Have Been: According to the FreeSpace 1 Reference Bible, a lot of planned full-motion cutscenes were cut out, due to time constraints. They were even going to do an "if you failed the last mission" scene, and the writers said they were going to "do something that's not unlike the White House scene from ID4."
  • Standard Sci-Fi Fleet:
    Bomber - The Terran Bombers Athena, Medusa, Ursa, Zeus, Artemis, Artemis D.H., Boanerges; for the Vasudans, Sekhmet, Bakha, Amun, and Osiris. Shivan bombers include the Shaitan, Nephilim, Seraphim, Taurvi, and Nahema.

    Interceptor - The Terran fighters Loki, Valkyrie, Perseus; the Vasudans have the Anubis, Horus, Thoth, and Serapis. Shivans, on the other hand, have the Scorpion, Dragon, Manticore, and the Astaroth.

    Stealth Fighter - The Terran fighter Pegasus, and Vasudan Ptah.

    Heavy Fighter - The Terran/Vasudan fighters Hercules, Hercules Mk. II, Ares, and Erinyes; the Vasudans have the Seth and Tauret. The Shivans have the Basilisk and Aeshma.

    Assault Fighter - The Erinyes fits this role perfectly, really. With 8 gun banks you can take down even the toughest Shivan bombers out like flies.

    Space Superiority Fighter - The Apollo, Ulysses, and Myrmidon for the Terrans; the Vasudans have the Thoth. Presumably, the Mara is the Shivans' "superiority" fighter, since it has good shielding, armor, speed, maneuverability, and weaponry.
    • Shuttle
    Drop Ship - the Satis

    Drop Pod - The Elysium and Argo for the Terrans. The Vasudans use the Isis. Only the Azrael is the ship used by Shivans to have boarded any ship at all, particularly the Iceni.
    • Space Ship
      • Cutter/Corvette/Frigate/Destroyer (well actually, we call them Cruisers) - The GTC Fenris, Leviathan, and Aeolus for the Terrans. The Vasudans have the Aten and Mentu. The Shivans have the Cain, Rakshasa, and the really heavily armored and badass Lilith.
      • Cruiser - The Deimos for the Terrans, Sobek for the Vasudans (oh, and to demonstrate how freaky Shivan anti-capital firepower is, they're basically Red Shirt warships), and the Moloch for the Shivans.
      • Assault Carrier - Though not really designated a Carrier, the Shivan Moloch really is. But it only really launches fighters in a multiplayer mission.
      • Space Freighter or Cargo Ship - In fact, they're literally called "freighters"; the Poseidon, Chronos, and Triton for the Terrans; Ma'at, Satis, Bes, and Bast for the Vasudans; lastly, the Mephisto, Dis, and Asmodeus for the Shivans.
...and time for the really, really big ones...
  • Capital Ships
Battlecruiser - The Iceni fits this perfectly; fast (even faster) than the regular Corvette, and about as much firepower as a Destroyer (okay, what the hell, destroyers are actually the biggest ships here!). Oh, and don't forget that Corvette-armored Lilith, small as the typical Cruiser, which can be as deadly to any ship as a Shivan destroyer!

The Battle Star - The mighty Orion and Hecate destroyers for the Terrans; the Typhon and Hatshepsut for the Vasudans; lastly, the Demon, Ravana, and (nigh invulnerable) Lucifer for the Shivans. Oh, and we almost forgot, the colossal Colossus, as big as but much weaker than the Shivan Juggernaut Sathanas.
  • Other Ships
Science Vessel - Only the Terrans have these, and it's called the Faustus.

Space Gun - Again, only Terrans have these, called "Mjolnirs", which, when used in groups, can practically slice apart even the gigantic Battlestars trying to run away from a Jump Node only to be beamed to bits. There are smaller ones, called "sentry guns", used only against fighters; they're the Cerberus, Watchdog, and Alastor for the Terrans; the Vasudans use the weaker Ankh and Edijo guns. Shivans have them too; there's the Belial and Trident.

Space Station - The only station shown is the Terran Arcadia-class. But we read that the Vasudans actually use "shipyards" to make Bakha bombers, implying that they probably had them too.

FreeSpace 2

  • Acclaimed Flop: Unfortunately, the game was not marketed at all, and sold poorly even for a game with no marketing.
  • Genre-Killer: FreeSpace 2's poor sales more or less killed the entire space-shooter genre. Its popular reception only made things worse, because if a space shooter that good still couldn't sell, what could?
  • Shrug of God: Volition has remained very tight-lipped about the mysteries raised by the second game. Somewhat (in)famously, one of the devs once said that, had FreeSpace 3 been made, we would've learned that the Shivans are "part of a much larger problem."
    • A more recent interview has brought a few more details to light: The devs implied that the Shivans were a biological tool built to create new jump nodes connecting back to the Shivan homeworld. The general idea for post-FS2 stories would have involved the GTVA going on the offensive and attacking the homeworld. Whether the Shivans' creators were still around was left up in the air. They still did not explain exactly what happened to Bosch, but did say that his end was probably not a good one.
  • Volition has said that the franchise was originally going to be part of the Descent series, focused around searching the galaxy for the missing Player Character from Descent 2. After Parallax Software split into Volition and Outrage Entertainment, Outrage went with a true Descent sequel while Volition made their own game.


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