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Trivia / Frankenstein Vs The Creature From Blood Cove

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  • Acting for Two: Corey Marshall plays the Fishman, Dr. Frankenstein's ghost, AND the Werewolf.
  • The Danza: William Winckler and his then-wife Dezzie Rae Ascalon play Bill Grant and Dezzie Rae Lee.
  • Production Posse: G. Larry Butler and Alison Lees-Taylor (the two lead scientists) also show up in a bunch of Winckler's anime and tokusatsu dubs.
  • Romance on the Set: Not long after the movie came out, Dezzie Rae Ascalon dumped Winckler and married Corey Marshall... who played the Fishman. This makes the monsters lusting after Dezzie Rae extremely hilarious. note 

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