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Trivia / Foxy Brown

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  • Banned in China: In the UK in the 80s, the film was labelled one of the video nasties.
  • Dear Negative Reader: Pam Grier responded to criticisms that the role she played was demeaning to other African-American women with...
    "Why would people think I would ever demean the Black woman? I was tried and convicted without being asked to testify in my defense. Sure, a lot of those films were junk. But they were what was being offered. They provided work for me and jobs for hundreds of Blacks. We all needed to work. We all needed to eat."
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  • Development Hell: A Hulu series was announced in 2016 with Meagan Good as Foxy, but it never materialised.
  • Divorced Installment: This was originally intended to be a sequel to Coffy entitled Burn, Coffy, Burn!. However, American-International Pictures decided at the last minute it didn't want to do a sequel, even though Coffy was a huge hit. That's why it's never said exactly what kind of job Foxy Brown has—Coffy was a nurse and since this was no longer to be a sequel, they couldn't give Foxy Brown that job and didn't have time to rewrite the script to establish just what kind of job she had.
  • Executive Meddling: Since Coffy had made Pam Grier a star, the studio insisted on her having a more stylish wardrobe. Jack Hill initially disapproved, worried the clothes would turn date the film, but he rethought his stance years later during the 70s nostalgia of the 90s.
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  • I Am Not Spock: Despite plenty of other credits to her name, Pam Grier seems most identified with Foxy Brown (even though her Star-Making Role was Coffy before this). She even titled her autobiography Foxy: My Life in Three Acts.