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  • Author Existence Failure: The character of La Boule (the bald and burly guy who used to hit the gong and imprisoned the contestants who lose challenges in cells, roughing them up a bit doing so) was discontinued in 2014 with the death by oesophagus cancer of his performer, Yves Marchesseau.
  • McLeaned: The dwarf actor playing Passe-Temps, Alain Prévost, was fired in 2010 (for "economic reasons"), and his character was discontinued as a result.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Yann Le Gac replaced Michel Scourneau as Père Fouras in 1991, though he's very much The Pete Best given how long he's been in the role. He was briefly replaced by Didier Hervé in 2002, but came back.
    • Kareen Le Portier briefly replaced Monique Angeon as Felindra (the tiger tamer) in 2006. Monique Angeon then came back in 2007.
    • Blanche was first played by Louise-Marie Hustings (in 2011), then by Raphaëlle Lenoble (in 2012), and finally by Delphine Wespiser (since 2013). The latter is very much The Pete Best.
  • The Pete Best:
    • Michel Scourneau played the Père Fouras for only one season, the first, in 1990. Yann Le Gac replaced him the following year, and he's been in almost every season since, shaping the character as we know him.
    • Delphine Wespiser as Blanche since 2013. Being one of the most popular winners of Miss France (2012 for her) in recent years has something to do with it.
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  • Playing Their Own Twin: Blanche and Rouge are twins, and they are played by the same performer, Delphine Wespiser.
  • Promoted Fanboy:
    • French musician Francis Lalanne was a contestant on the show in 2005. He was such an enthusiastic candidate and the episode in which he appeared grew so famous that they simply had to hire him as a Trialmaster. Thus "Narcisse" was born, and became the sole professor at "Boyard Academy" in 2018.
    • Mamadou, who plays Big Boo in the 2020 session, is a longtime fan of the show.


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