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Trivia / Flight of the Conchords

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  • The Danza: Eugene Mirman as Eugene the landlord, and Brian Sergent as Prime Minister Bryan.
  • Non-Singing Voice: Played for Laughs in "A Good Opportunity." Rhys Darby sings the first verse and last two words of "Rejected," while the rest of it is sung by opera tenor Andrew Dorst.
  • Referenced by...: Bret, Jemaine and Mel are drawn into a scene in Paul Sizer's graphic novel BPM: Beats Per Minute as patrons standing in line at a club.
  • What Could Have Been: In "Newzealandtown," considering both the tour guide from the unfeatured "Bus Driver's Song" and the Prime Minister of New Zealand harbour an unrequited crush on a girl named Paula, and the Prime Minister at one point acts as a tour guide on a bus, you can't help but think there was originally meant to be a connection there.
    • At the end of that episode, the melody from the Bus Drivers Song plays, but the song was probably not included as the lyrics refer to the town in which the Bus Driver grew up in, rather than the ten-meter stretch of road that has been turned into New Zealand-town. Word of God says the song almost made it into the episode, but they "couldn't get the video together in time."
    • For the episode Bowie, David Bowie was asked to appear in dream sequences As Himself. Bowie turned down the offer because he had already done some Adam Westing in Extras around the same time. After this, Noel Fielding and John Cameron Mitchell were approached but couldn't do it. Comedian and friend of the band Dan Antopolski accepted but had to be filmed from London and green-screened into the scenes, and while they liked his performance, the effects looked terrible, so finally Jemaine Clement took the role himself. This proved serendipitous, as Clement's Bowie impression has been called upon for several other roles of his, often with Bowie pastiche songs written around it.
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  • Write What You Know: Many of the band's misadventures were based on, if not lifted directly from, the Concords' experiences when they first started out. The scene where they start a gig playing to an audience of two and end it playing to an empty theater? That actually happened.


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