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  • Referenced by...: A number of stories are unofficial sequels to or imitations of Flatland; others were inspired by it, and still others use this story to explain the concept of dimensions beyond our own.
    • Carl Sagan laid it out in the Cosmos: A Personal Voyage episode, The Edge of Forever.
    • The Outer Limits (1963) has an episode with an alien freely inspired by Flatland.
    • And in Animorphs, Elfangor explains the abilities of the Ellimist by telling Loren to imagine that they were Flatties, lived on a sheet of paper, and could be imprisoned by the three-dimensional Ellimist drawing a square around them... or freed by being plucked up off the paper. Well, they're Cubies.
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    • And then there's The Big Bang Theory. The writers certainly know how to please a demographic.
    • At one point during their interdimensional travels in A Wrinkle in Time, the protagonists are accidentally transported to Flatland, where they almost suffocate.
    • The Hypernaut from Nineteen Sixty Three has a Flatland in his space station.
    • Flatland and its inhabitants end up as the MacGuffin of the backstory for Transformers Alternity which, itself, deals extensively with the concepts of pan-dimensional transcendence. You know, to sell toys.
    • The Original Flatland Role Playing Game by Marcus L Rowland. "Action and adventure in a world where characters are supposed to be two-dimensional!"
    • The Futurama episode "2-D Blacktop".
    • Flatland is used to teach 4-D astrophysics by analogy.
    • When Bill Cipher was asked on his Character Blog what he believed spawned his existence, he said, "EDWIN ABBOT ABBOT HAD A DECENT IDEA". In the finale, he reveals he's from the second dimension.
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    • Briefly mentioned in C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, on the Trinity: human beings can no more grok the idea of a being with multiple persons than a Flatlander could grok the idea of a cube being composed of multiple squares.


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