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Trivia / Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light

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  • Masamune Shirow provided some character art to the remake, Shadow Dragon.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Gordin has Gaggles and Captain Gordin, Defender of Earth!
    • Wendell has either "Windell" or "The Pope", the second due to the mitre he always wears.
    • Matthis is infamous for his Artificial Stupidity of being able to kill his beloved sister Lena as an enemy. Fans label any other character who does something like this as having "Matthis Syndrome".
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    • People have been making fun of Caeda because of her diplomatic skills in smoothly persuading recruitable characters to join Marth's Army. The general consensus is that Caeda is the original THOT of Fire Emblem.note 
  • Fan Translation: Obviously a necessity, since only Shadow Dragon was officially localized. As of November 2012, all five Japan-only games can now be enjoyed in English with these, including Archanea War Chronicles through the remakes of its maps in New Mystery.
  • Fountain of Expies: This game started many of the Archetypes that would continue into future games such as the Jagen, Cain and Abel, Gordin, Ogma, Julian, Lena, Navarre, Merric, Maria, Minerva, Est, and Gotoh archetypes. It also is the origin of the Triangle Attack.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": The Trope Namer and current world record holder (nineteen years from Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light to the international release of Shadow Dragon; seven years from international debut in Melee to international release of Shadow Dragon).
  • Name's the Same:
    • Cain (originally romanized as Kain) shared his name with Kain before Shadow Dragon came stateside.
    • Linde (originally romanized as Linda) shared her name with Linda, at least before Shadow Dragon was released in the West.
    • Arran has a case of this, with two characters, no less. Depending how you romanize his name — he shares his name with either Alen of The Binding Blade, or with Aran of Radiant Dawn.
  • No Dub for You: More than "No Spanish Translation For You" instead: The American release doesn't feature the European Spanish translation used in the European release, very likely because it was translated into a very archaic variation of the European dialect in a way that it's very hard to read for Latin American players.
  • Remade for the Export: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light got a remake that was a given an international release under the title of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon.
  • What Could Have Been: The biggest Fire Emblem site,, posted an article about Fire Emblem's 25th Anniversary. See this to find many ideas not included in the original Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. Highlights include:
    • Nyna was originally going to be a playable character as a Paladin and her vassals accompanying her. However, their role was given to Hardin and the Wolfguard instead and Nyna was given the damsel role while her vassals were imprisoned. The band's name, the Archanea Free Company, was reused for Astram's squad.
    • Medeus was originally named Gaia.
    • A sketch of a serpent-like dragon named "Water Dragon Neptune" suggests that there was going to be a tribe of water dragons. According to the designer notes, they would fight by forming a tornado with an incantation rather than utilizing a breath attack.
    • Cutscene images were also originally going to be included in the NES version but weren't included due to technical limitations. This was first featured in The Blazing Blade, the first Fire Emblem game to be released internationally. Ironically, Shadow Dragon's image focused on the Ghoul's Teeth, rather than Julian and Lena running from the bandits.
    • Jagen originally was going to die during the story.
    • The plot would have changed depending on whether you recruited Samson or Arran. This idea would later be reused as the basis of Fire Emblem Fates' plot.


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