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Trivia / Female Trouble

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  • Acting for Two: Divine plays both Dawn Davenport and Earl Peterson.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • A scene where Concetta bursts into the courtroom and attempts to rescue Dawn was filmed, but didn't make it into the final cut due to various technical issues, including a visible boom mic and light poles.
    • A decade later, Divine was supposed to perform a song in reference to the film called "Cha Cha Heels", but died before he could record it. Eartha Kitt and Bronski Beat would produce it a few years later.
      Here I am, the queen of crime, I'm looking for some action
      Wanna have a real good time and give you satisfaction
      So don't you mess around with me, you won't know what to do
      'Cause I'll put on my cha cha heels and walk all over you!
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  • Write What You Know: That "knocking over the Christmas tree on your parents" thing? John Waters said it happened during one contentious Christmas with his folks.