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Trivia / Fell Voices

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  • Doing It for the Art: There's no doubt that they'd make a lot more money from album sales if they released their music digitally, but thus far, only their Gilead Media albums are even available in digital versions (which seems to be the label's doing, not the band's). They still haven't released any CDs, either. They've explained why they don't much care to release their music digitally; see Reclusive Artist below.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Their first two albums were released as limited-edition analogue recordings only, which have long since sold out. This is now the only way you will be able to get them without paying inflated eBay/Discogs prices (though, as of January 2018, the prices on Discogs still tend to be around $30-35, so they're not yet as awful as they could be).
  • Reclusive Artist:
    • The band have discussed why most of their recordings are only available on analogue formats, despite it limiting the size of their audience. The band members feel that digital media commoditises music and makes it more of a product to consume rather than something to think about and absorb. The process of turning a vinyl record or cassette over also involves the listener in the process of the music. Their Ash Borer split, their third album, and Regnum Saturni were released on digital media by their record companies, but their first two albums remain officially available only via analogue recordings (though people have ripped them to the internet by now, naturally).
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    • The band's lack of printed lyrics also implies a certain reclusiveness to it.