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  • Bleached Underpants: Needless to say, while the franchise's origins as a pornographic game pop up occasionally in discussion, it's far more well-known these days for its plot and characters than for the sex scenes.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: The original visual novel and its various sequels, prequels and spin-offs have become this for the Nasuverse, raking in box-office breaking numbers (or the videogame equivalent), with plenty of adaptations over the years to the point its closest competition in Tsukihime has more or less been left in the dust. The ongoing success of just the most recent addition to the sub-franchise in Fate/Grand Order just emphasizes how popular Fate really is. It's even Lampshaded in Carnival Phantasm when Kohaku describes Saber as Nasu's Cash Cow.
  • Casting Gag: Shin-ichiro Miki voiced another blue-haired Kojiro in a different universe.
    • The joke becomes full circle when a Gender Flip of Miyamoto Musashi was introduced in Fate/Grand Order, though they didn't use Jessie's VA to voice her (Fate's Musashi is voiced by Ayane Sakura instead of Megumi Hayashibara).
  • Creator's Favorite: Takashi Takeuchi, the co-creator and lead artist for Type-Moon, has proudly expressed himself as the largest Saber fan alive, even giving his own Author Avatar the Noble Phantasm of being able to summon an infinite amount of Saber clones.
  • Genius Bonus: Gilgamesh's constant self-aggrandizement, beyond being simply indicative of his universe sized ego, might be a reference to the actual Epic of Gilgamesh, which does, in fact, dedicate entire verses every few chapters to reminding the reader just how ridiculously amazing the main character is.
  • God Never Said That: The final Tiger Dojo states that the player has reached the true end of the story. Unfortunately, some people have misconstrued that as to mean the final route, Heaven's Feel, is the canon ending, despite that all endings are canon in the Nasuverse. Not to mention that Realta Nua features an additional scenario unlocked after Heaven's Feel; Last Episode, which is an epilogue to the Fate route.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The Studio DEEN series until it was rescued from Geneon by Sentai Filmworks.
  • No Export for You: As with a lot of anime based on visual novels, the original VN has never received an official English version, not even the Realta Nua (SFW) version. This has gotten even more glaring as time has worn on, as other major anime series got their original VNs localized, including Steins;Gate, CLANNAD, Grisaia no Kajitsu, and even Dies Irae, a Doorstopper even longer (and harder to translate) than F/SN.
    • The lack of official release and translation of any version of the visual novel at his point (2019) is assumed by many to be because of refusal on Type-Moon's part to license it, not because of length or the difficulty translating it. Fate/stay night is arguably the best-known visual novel in existence in the West, even without an official Western release, because of its many popular anime adaptations and spin-offs, so the lack of any real movement on an official translation, even via Kickstarter, likely means its due to factors outside of it being a visual novel and visual novels being niche outside of Japan.
  • Orphaned Series: The English translation of the Fate/stay night manga only got up to 8 volumes officially released (out of 20) before Tokyopop shut down in 2011. English fan translations got up to Chapter 65 (out of 87) before all efforts abruptly ceased in 2013. The only fan translations that are complete are in Chinese and Spanish, and the Spanish one(s) are exceedingly difficult to find.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Due to union issuesnote , Kate Higgins was the only member of the original cast unable to reprise her role as Saber for the dub of the "Unlimited Blade Works" movie, leading to Michelle Ruff taking the role.
    • Needless to say, the Aniplex-dubbed anime shows, including the UBW TV series, feature a cast replacement for virtually everyone in English. Although notably, Illya remains Stephanie Sheh throughout all dubs, as does Mela Lee for Rin Tohsaka, Tony Oliver as Lancer and Julie Ann Taylor as Taiga.
      • Funny enough, some of the actors from UBW has voiced someone else from the original series (Lex Lang went from being Issei to Soichiro, Megan Hollingshead went from being Bedivere to Caster and David Vincent went from being Assassin to being Gilgamesh)
    • Masaki Terasoma replaced Kazuhiro Nakata as Kuzuki in the 2014 anime series due to the latter taking a hiatus from voice acting due to medical issues.
    • Bedivere has been impressively Darrined three times, with Mamiko Noto as the first for the original 2006 anime, being replaced by Shin-ichiro Miki for the PS2 version of Realta Nua (due to budget constraints), replaced again by Mitsuaki Madono for the PS Vita version of Realta Nua, and currently is Mamoru Miyano for the Garden of Avalon drama CD and Fate/Grand Order.
  • Real Place Background: Some locations in Fuyuki City are based on real-life places in Kobe and Fujisawa City.
    • Ryuudou Temple is modeled after the Yugyoji Temple in Fujisawa City.
    • The iconic Fuyuki Bridge and the building that was the inspiration for Rin's house can be found in Kobe.
    • Two buildings in the Akashi Castle complex were also used for inspiration: the Oda Nagayamon gate (which is where the outside shot of the Emiya residence is modeled after), and a dojo that served as the model for the archery dojo of Homurahara Academy.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: Gilgamesh is voiced by Tomokazu Seki, who has several times played roles of villains that lust over the character played by Ayako Kawasumi (Saber's voice actor).
  • What Could Have Been:
    • An artbook known as ''Character Material'' has revealed that the protagonist was originally a girl named Sajyou Ayaka and her Servant would have been a guy (named Saver in the artbook). Ayaka was eventually reworked, in parts, into both Shirou and Rin, but the original idea was animated into a short OVA titled Fate/Prototype.
    • In one of the Tiger Dojos, Illya mentions that it would be nice to see a Route in which Shinji cooperated with Shirou, or one Route when Caster became an ally. Taiga right away smacks Illya in the head and say "Don't talk about the rejected Routes!". Along with the information on the "Illya Route", which was cut and reworked into the "Heaven's Feel" route because Illya is the Token Mini-Moe, this means that there would be a lot of Routes, but thanks to "time and resources not being infinite" (another quote from Taiga) they were rejected. To be more specific, Fate/side material revealed that in the Caster Route, Caster would have reversed her age, turned into a loli, and become the protagonist's partner. Unlike Rider's route which was also scrapped, none of this was incorporated in the end product. Parts of the concept would eventually find their way into the third chapter of Fate/Grand Order, however, including a young "Lily" version of Medea.
    • Fate/Prototype shows us that Gilgamesh's original Noble Phantasm instead of Ea was Enki (which is another name for the same god), a bow/double sword combo that allowed him to summon the Surge of Utnapishtim, or as it's better known, The Great Flood. He also had a third passive Noble Phantasm that allowed him to survive any battle no matter what, which would clash with Berserker's Noble Phantasm, which was to not lose for eleven battles, concluding with Gilgamesh losing but surviving and Berserker winning but dying. He was also far more skilled in melee combat, easily trouncing Saber in a fight with only his Enki blades.
    • It's stated in the Tiger Dojos that Nasu had been toying with the idea of giving Illya her own route if Heaven's Feel was short enough, but it wasn't and the details of her route were largely folded into Heaven's Feel instead. It's also been mentioned that there was originally a Bad End in the Fate route where she raped Shirou, but that scene was obviously cut. And then in Fate/hollow ataraxia it's revealed that even Shinji was more likely to get his own route than her. Illya being bitter over her route getting cut is turned into a running gag in the franchise's meta material, such as Carnival Phantasm.
    • The Stray Servant who was one of the original heroine candidates for the visual novel and would eventually be reworked into Shielder was first briefly mooted as a route heroine during initial production (though quickly scrapped as there was no way there'd be time for her), and later planned to be put in the 2006 anime adaptation by Studio DEEN. She was planned to replace Assassin as Ryuudou Temple's gatekeeper and use her Noble Phantasm, Lord Camelot to raise impenetrable white walls to guard the temple. In this scenario, Saber would've recognized it and its wielder, a gender flipped Galahad, and try to overcome a mental block of defeating someone she knew in her past life. Funnily enough, F/GO's Camelot chapter would end up essentially flipping this arrangement around.
    • Going with the above, Nasu considered having the 2006 anime adaptation be a new route, where Shielder would be introduced, but it was scrapped and became what we have today.
    • Nasu wanted the Heaven's Feel route to have a one on one duel between Saber and Rider where they debated about their ideals, but it was pressed for time.
    • Berserker originally had another Noble Phantasm that made his Master immortal as long as he was alive, meaning the other Masters couldn't kill Illya to get rid of him. This was scrapped as it was too much of a Story-Breaker Power and was somewhat of a stretch of his myth.
    • In the original concept art, Rider was going to be an Identical Stranger to Shirou's classmate Ayako Mitsuzuri. This was an echo of the original Rider from the Ayaka stage of development masquerading as a classmate at Ayaka's school; ultimately, the entire idea would be dropped in favor of making Rider a more mature woman than the teenage human cast.
    • Caster Medea originally had a Noble Phantasm called Argon Coin: The Golden Fleece, which is the Golden Fleece from her legend that lets her summon the dragon that guarded it, which would significantly up her threat level. In the finished product, Caster briefly mentions while she could summon the dragon, she has no control over it, so she won't bother trying because she would risk getting killed.
    • There was a planned battle between Rider and Berserker. Rider would immediately realize Berserker's true identity due to them both being Greek heroes. Rider would ram him with Bellerophon, taking away two lives, before getting killed.
    • In early drafts, Illya's caretaker was a tuxedo-wearing German man instead of Sella and Leysritt.


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