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Trivia / Fatal Frame

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  • Casting Gag:
    • Fatal Frame III has one. In this single game, Rei Kurosawa and Rei Kuze may serve as the game's protagonist and antagonist respectively, and their full names also start with the same letters. However, they are completely different characters. Despite of this fact, both also share the same voice actors Junko Minagawa (Japanese) and Kimberly Brooks (English).
    • In FFIV, it's not the first time we hear Rie Tanaka to voice a girl named Sakuya.
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  • The Danza: In the fifth game, Haruka Momose is voiced by Haruka Tomatsu.
  • Development Hell: The alleged movie. Spielberg apparently has the rights but it doesn't sound like there's a script written at all.
    • Thankfully now averted, with a Japanese movie released in September 2014 as well as a Hollywood version on the way.
  • Network to the Rescue: After the flop of the third game, Tecmo opted to put the series on hold for a period of time. Sometime after Tecmo merged with Creator/Koei to create Koei Tecmo, Nintendo came forward to them to continue the series. While the franchise remains a niche title (and would have exporting issues for a few titles), the series had it's most successful releases under Nintendo's guidance thus far, making Fatal Frame a honorary member of the company's greater catalogue.
  • No Export for You
    • The fourth game never came out of Japan due to abysmal sales of the previous one worldwide. However, there is a Fan Translation patch.
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    • The Wii remake of II only released in Japan and Europe.
    • Averted with V. Nintendo officially confirmed the game will indeed see a release outside of Japan in fall 2015, despite fans previously assuming the game would be a Japan-only release. However, this turns out to be a Bad Export for You due to it being a digital-only release, and the game being 15 gigabytes in size, with most Wii U's only having 8 gigabytes of space. When MyNintendo began months later, Fatal Frame didn't qualify for coins, since the game was basically sold as glorified DLC to add onto a free demo.
  • Talking to Himself
    • The cast for the third game is the most obvious example, in English and Japanese.
    • The second game does the same for Mayu and Sae, as well as for Mio and Yae. Both pairs are always voiced by the same Japanese and English voice actress, even in the remake.
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  • The Wiki Rule: Found here and here.


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