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Trivia / Fatal Attractions

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The Comic Event:

  • Writer Revolt: The story came from this - Peter David was frustrated that an issue of X-Factor had a very big lack of X-Factor characters due to being hijacked by the X-cutioner's Song storyline, joked that maybe Magneto could pull the adamantium out of Wolverine during a writer's summit. Similarly how Jerry Ordway's comment of wanting to kill off Superman lead to The Death of Superman, everyone thought that it was a really cool idea and went with it.

The TV Series:

  • Science Marches On: One episode featuring crocodiles had a herpetologist come on and talk about reptile behavior. He states that the concept of "play" is purely mammalian and that reptiles would have no need for play. More recent studies show that at least Komodo Dragons have been documented engaging in playful behavior, however.
    • An episode about a man who was killed by a tiger had an expert state that the tiger was getting "revenge" on the man for teasing him for so long. More likely, however, the tiger simply attacked the man because it saw him as a threat to its territory.
    • One episode about snakes had an expert state that snakes aren't very intelligent and they act more on instinct rather than learned behavior. More recent studies have shown that snakes are more intelligent than previously thought, and that constrictors (IE: Boas, pythons, etc.) actually do learn how much pressure they need to squeeze unto their prey to kill it and how long they need to squeeze (More recent studies show that boas/pythons will only stop constricting once they're sure their prey is dead by checking to see if the heart is still beating).
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    • The very first episode featured Nile Monitors being depicted as shifty unusually patient killers who infect their prey with their bacteria-filled bites and wait for them to die of the infections. In reality, it's now believed that not even Komodo Dragons behave in such a way.

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