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Games played in Fast and Loose include, but are not limited to:

  • 7-Up: Not the drink, but based rather on an actual tv show. Three or four performers have to portray certain characters at different stages in their lives - 7 years old, then 14, then 21 years of age.

  • Interpretive Dance: Generally involving only one player, David Armand, who has to act out the lyrics of a popular song, while two players have their hearing shielded with earphones, and have to guess what song it is.

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  • Dance Party: Based on a particularly old comedy sketch, some music is played and all performers act like they are in a dance party, grooving to the music, until the music is paused, whereupon the players come up with a Non Sequitur on the spot.

  • Dragons' Lair: Combining Dragon's Den with the "Props" game, two players get saddled with a random prop that they must pitch as a new product/invention/whatever to two other players acting as potential investors.

  • Early Television: Hugh participates in this game, which basically takes shows like Jerry Springer and acts them out like they were produced in the '40s thereabouts.

  • Forward/Rewind: Identical to 'Forward/Reverse' from Improvaganza. The players act out a scene, until audio cues instruct them to rewind the events of the scene from that point, or play them forward again.

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  • Right Way/Wrong Way: Vaguely reminiscent of a sketch from Animaniacs, four players are paired up, each duo having to act out the various parts of an extended activity the right way and the wrong way.

  • Sideways Scene: Three players act out a scene while lying down on a specially-prepared surface, with a ceiling camera capturing the action and making them look as if they are upright. All this is combined with the old "Film, TV and Theater Styles" format from Whose Line.

  • Speed Dating/Audition Reel/etc.: Reusing the concept from "World's Worst", all performers take turns to act out the world's worst things to say during a speed dating function, or auditioning for a role, etc.

  • Weak Links: Hugh participates in this spoof of The Weakest Link, where four performers have to act as certain characters while answering his questions. It's limited to ending on one vote-out to save time.

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