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  • Acting for Two: Plinio Fernando initially plays only Mariangela, but in later movies he also plays her daughter Uga.
  • Hostility on the Set:
    • Since Liù Bosisio, Pina's original actress, didn't get along with Paolo Villaggio, she was replaced by another actress from the third movie onwards. In all her interviews, she has almost nothing nice to say about working on these movies and admits that the experience is nothing but a bad memory (though she's very fond of her character, Pina).
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    • Anna Mazzamauro, who played Miss Silvani, also didn't like working with Paolo Villaggio. She outright said that she respects him as an actor but doesn't like him as a person.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Pina, famously so. Played by Liù Bosisio in the first two movies, replaced by Milena Vukotic in the third and fourth movies... and then for some reason Liù Bosisio is back playing Pina in the fifth movie. And then once again Milena Vukotic takes over the role from the sixth movie onwards.
    • Calboni, since his original actor Giuseppe Anatrelli passed away after the airing of the third movie. He was briefly replaced by Riccardo Garrone for the fourth movie but he wasn't memorable like the original actor and in the other sequels the character is completely eliminated.
    • Mariangela and Uga were always played by Plinio Fernando until the last two movies. In the ninth movie, Fantozzi - Il ritorno, they are both played by Maria Cristina Maccà. In the final movie, Fantozzi 2000, Uga is played by Dodi Conti while Mariangela doesn't even appear.
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  • Real-Life Relative: In Fantozzi alla riscossa, the British football hooligan who tries to teach Fantozzi to be more brutal and violent is played by Paolo Villaggio's son Pierfrancesco. That one is also his only major acting role.

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