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Trivia / Fantome Stein

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  • Fan Nick Name: Oh, so many. The author herself loves to give the characters nicknames as well, to the point that sometimes it's hard to tell who's being talked about.
    • The Phantom has several: FrankenErik, TC (mostly used by the author, short for The Creature), Sad Potato (and many variations of that), Musical Dungeon Slob, Sweaty Piano Friend...
    • Raoul de Chagny is pretty much always referred to as Rawl outside of the actual comic.
    • One reader compared Christine to an owl, and now she is the Angry Owlerina.
  • Teasing Creator: Oh, so much. The author loves hinting that fan favorite characters will die young, dropping tragic backstory hints in between updates, and generally messing with the readers.


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