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  • Direct to Video: All of the games (except the first) were released directly to consoles.
  • Fan Nickname: Fantasy Zone II DX for the Sega Ages port of Fantasy Zone II, so as to differentiate it from the original Master System version.
  • Market-Based Title: Fantasy Zone Gear was localized as simply Fantasy Zone in North America and Europe, but only on the cover and cartridge, as the title screen still uses the Japanese title.
  • No Export for You: Super Fantasy Zone was (originally) not released in North America.
    • Fantasy Zone II DX had this for a while, which was only included in the final Sega Ages collection until it came to 3DS in 2015.
  • Referenced by...:
    • A remixed version of Fantasy Zone's shopping music is featured in Turbo OutRun and the Genesis version of Super Hang-On.
    • One joke ending in the fan-made Streets of Rage Remake has Opa-Opa make a cameo, and features music from Super Fantasy Zone.
    • The bonus stage for the Japan-only arcade rhythm game Crackin' DJ Part Two is a hip-hop medley of songs from Fantasy Zone titled "Seven o' Clock".
    • In Sonic Riders, you can unlock an Extreme Gear based on Opa-Opa. Artwork and objects from Fantasy Zone also appear in the sequel's "80's Boulevard" track.
    • In addition to featuring a fully playable Fantasy Zone arcade machine, you can win dolls of Opa-Opa from claw machines in Yakuza 0.
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    • You can get miniature versions of various Fantasy Zone enemies from gachapon machines in Shenmue and its sequel.
    • In the Tamagotchi Licensed Game Sega Saturn de Hakken!! Tamagotchi Park, it's possible to unlock a line of Tamagotchi breeds based on various Sega characters, among them a Tamagotchi version of Opa-Opa named Opaopatchi.
    • The Muppet Babies (1984) episode "It's Only Pretendo" features numerous references to video games, including footage of Fantasy Zone and a couple of the babies riding Opa-Opa.
  • Vaporware: A TurboGrafx-CD game developed by NEC Avenue called Space Fantasy Zone which had Space Harrier-style gameplay mixed with the setting from Fantasy Zone, further bridging the gap between both franchises. Legal disputes with SEGA resulted in the game's cancellation. A prototype ISO of the game can be found online.

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