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Trivia / Fantastic Voyage

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  • Development Hell: A remake has been stuck here for a very long time (technically since 1984, but no other attempts were made until 2007). A shame, since the primary reason for the film - special effects depicting the inside of a human body - could only be improved with modern CGI.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Donald Pleasence really was screaming as he was devoured by the white cell, the goo that they poured over his face stung his eyes painfully.
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  • Novelization First: Isaac Asimov was hired to write the novelization of the film; notoriously, the book came out early enough that the movie was frequently mistaken as an adaptation. Asimov also corrected several plot holes that remained in the film, and expanded some story elements, making it look even more like the book came first and was dumbed down for the movie, when in fact the book was a huge smartening-up of the film.
  • Science Marches On: While accurate on a basic level, our knowledge of the immune system has improved beyond strangler antibodies and all devouring white cells.
  • Technology Marches On: Imaging technology has vastly improved since the film was made, such that the fistula which diverted the voyage into the jugular vein could've easily been detected via preliminary angiogram.


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