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Trivia / Familiar Faces

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  • Artist Disillusionment: Doesn't seem to think too fondly of the My Little Pony fandom he partially helped build.
  • Colbert Bump:
    • The main premise of Familiar Faces is this very trope.
    • His retrospective of the My Little Pony franchise (at least, for the cartoons) convinced a lot of fans of his to become bronies.
  • Development Hell:
    • When he started his Let's Play of Quest 64, he strongly implied, if he didn't state outright, that he'd be putting "Familiar Faces" on hold while he was doing the LP. Since then, we've had several new episodes of FF, but we're still waiting on part 2 of the LP. This is lampshaded in one episode, where Let's Play Quest 64 is etched into a tombstone.
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    • Familiar Faces slipped into this during 2012.
  • Fan Disillusionment: At first, CR enjoyed the Gen 4 show, so much in fact that he made a video about why he enjoyed it so much. Then the Season 2 finale two-parter A Canterlot Wedding happened. While most of the fandom enjoyed it, there were a few vocal critics of it, one of which was CR, who went on quite the rant about it in a Skype chat that's since been lost. As Season 3 went on, he became more disillusioned with the show. The last straw for him was the Season 3 Finale, where Twilight Sparkle becomes an alicorn.
    After that, he vowed that he would never watch Equestria Girls or any episodes of the series made in the future. He even went as far as un-watching most the pony related artists and blogs he followed, and saying he wouldn't even re-watch the old episodes anymore. Since then, whilst he's stopped talking about it, he has made a few Take Thats towards both the show and its fandom.
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  • Missing Episode: After Blip's closure CR uploaded most of his videos to YouTube. However, possibly due to his aforementioned hatred of Friendship is Magic, most of his My Little Pony reviews weren't posted or were deleted if they were already on his YouTube channel. The only three videos that remained was both parts of his retrospective and a review of the episode Luna Eclipsed, as well as a few short parody videos. A couple more of his MLP videos were reuploaded by other YouTube accounts but a good number of them remain missing.
  • Old Shame: His entire involvement with MLP.
  • The Other Darrin: He is quite displeased when Janine's regular voice actor is replaced and the character is redesigned.
  • Trolling Creator: Some people think that Chad's anti-MLP comments are intentionally inflammatory so he can get a rise out of the bronies.


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