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The movies provide examples of:

The series version provides examples of:

  • Acting for Two: Season 5's "His Majesty Donlon" has Billy Hufsey and Nia Peeples play royalty in an Arranged Marriage (Prince Frederick of Vatonia; Princess Maryanne of Gimblestein, respectively) in addition to their regular roles as Chris Donlon and Nicole Chapman.
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  • Channel Hop: From NBC (Seasons 1–2) to First-Run Syndication (Seasons 3–6).
  • The Danza: Jesse Borrego as Jesse Velasquez.
  • Directed by Cast Member: The Season 4 Very Special Episode "Reflections" was directed by Valerie Landsburg (who played Doris on the series and whose directorial credit was with her married name of Valerie Landsburg McVay). Debbie Allen directed 11 episodes, and went on to have a successful career as a director.
  • McLeaned: Nicole in season 6. Long story short, the writers considered doing a Very Special Episode on drunk driving, but had to get a main character involved. When Nicole's actress Nia Peeples wanted to leave, they got her permission to have Nicole Killed Off for Real; the result was the episode "Go Softly Into The Morning". According to the book Inside Fame on Television: A Behind-the-Scenes History the writers regretted doing this and they would have loved to have Nicole back for the Grand Finale.
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  • The Other Darrin: Coco, Montgomery and Doris are not played by the same actors as the movie. Coco starts out with her hair done in the same way as movie!Coco, to make the transition less obvious.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: The Season 2 "Episodes" had its main plot (Leroy losing a role in the school's play after being tardy when he decided to try out for a dance troupe) based on Gene Anthony Ray (who played Leroy) being constantly late for tapings and rehearsals. Apparently, the message didn't sink in at the time for Ray; who ended up being suspended for 5 episodes in Season 3.
    • The decision to have Nicole Chapman killed off towards the end was the result of two eerie coincidences - the writers were planning on doing a drunk driving episode around the time Nia Peeples planned on leaving the show. Rather than put Nicole on a bus, they killed her off entirely (and later regretted doing so).
  • Written by Cast Member: Lee Curreri penned "Blood, Sweat And Circuits...", and Valerie Landsburg co-wrote "Signs." Curreri also penned a handful of songs for the series.

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