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  • Development Hell: The Fall Out Toy Works motion comic, which received a trailer, casting announcement, and a set release date in 2010...only for it to past without warning without any content being released. The only news of it that came after the intended release date passed was a preview at WonderCon that was ignored by most FOB fans and a small mention of still being in development in a 2013 article announcing the production and voice cast for a completely unrelated comic.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: While the webcomic version is still available to read (for now), anyone looking for print and digital versions of the comic will have to dig a little more. The digital versions are no longer available from Comixology and while you could probably find the individual issues and the trade paperback in comic stores and from used book sellers, the series is no longer in print. There's been no comment from anyone involved about future reprints.
  • What Could Have Been: Long before Fall Out Toy Works' conception, an announcement about a Fall Out Boy comic with Andy and Pete at the helm came from Dabel Brothers along with promotional art for release in late 2008. This comic would have been a two double length issue series with the band as characters in a fictional narrative. Del Ray was also attached to the project, said to be collected edition for bookstores. Sometime later, news came that the project was canned due to Bongo Comics (who had previously ran Radioactive Man comics featuring Fall Out Boy's namesake and Simpsons side character Fallout Boy) not wanting people getting the comic based on the band mixed up with the comic based on the Simpsons character. People cried foul as Bongo had never released any actual Fallout Boy comics, nobody involved with the production of The Simpsons or related spinoffs had any legal issues with Fall Out Boy up to that point, and while "Fallout Boy" is copyrighted to Matt Groening, "Fall Out Boy" has been copyrighted to the band since its inception. Phew! Turns out the real reason was that Fall Out Boy hadn't actually approved the concept but Dabel Brothers had gone through with announcing it anyways. They countered, claiming Fall Out Boy hadn't said anything about rejecting it. Either way, it's not happening.
    • Turns out the Del Ray pitch wasn't the only time Fall Out Boy had been approached with a comic deal.

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