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  • Franchise Killer: Not for the usual reasons - Everquest 2 is a perfectly fine game on its own merits, or at least the reviews have always been mixed to positive. However, it was released the same time as World of Warcraft - and the effect was splitting the Everquest franchise's player base in half. Morever, Everquest 2's original playerbase of approximately 500K hemorrhaged within the first year, many of whom switched over to WoW rather than returning to EQ1. The graphical capabilities to handle EQ2 were also prohibitively high, which did the game and the franchise alike no favors.
  • Vaporware: "Vaporzone" or "Vaporcontent" would be more accurate, but it's the same general thing.
    • New Halas was pushed back for almost two years after the original planned release date.
    • When Destiny of Velious came out, players exploring the old world zones with their new flying mounts found a few remnants of what appears to be unfinished content. Most notable among these is an air dock in The Bonemire that was never used for anything and left inaccessible.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Wikia EverQuest 2 Wiki.
  • What Could Have Been: Some early preview articles in gaming magazines stated that the Level Cap would be 100 to start, and would probably be increased to 200 or so eventually. This was scrapped fairly early on, with the game having a starting max level of 50 like the original, and each Expansion Pack that increased the level cap raising it by increments of 10 levels.

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