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  • Actor Allusion
  • The Danza: Senator Michaela Wen is played by Ming-Na Wen.
  • Dawson Casting: In the episode with the isolation environment. Wound up making the "long distance relationship" going on there really creepy. Completely averted by Zoe, however (Jordan Hinson is actually about two months younger than her character).
    • Actually it was initially inverted. During the pilot Hinson was 13 playing 15, by the time of the series she was closer to her character's age.
  • Fake Nationality: Canadian/American Matt Frewer as an Australian. Conversely, James Callis and Chris Gauthier are English; Colin Ferguson, Erica Cerra, Niall Matter and Neil Grayston are all Canadian. They all play American characters.
  • Jossed: Averted by the common fan theory held that Nathan wasn't killed in the time machine, but was rather sent to another time or dimension and is going to return. When he does return, he says that this was exactly the case. Although this turns out to be a hallucination, Nathan having not really returned, we still don't know what happened to him.
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  • Lampshade Hanging: In one episode Fargo becomes frustrated with Sheriff Carter interfering with a solution to the problem-of-the-week and mimics him, saying "I'm going to use my Everyman knowledge to save the day!", which is the premise of the entire tv show.
  • Real-Life Relative: The actor who plays Allison's brother Marcus is Dondre Whitfield, husband of Salli Richardson-Whitfield. Makes this bit of dialogue sort of meta-Heartwarming.
    Allison: Jack Carter might not have the highest IQ in town, but he's the smartest man I know.
    Marcus: He married you, didn't he?
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Lowjack was supposed to have a much bigger part, until they realized how hard and expensive working with dogs was.
  • Shout-Out: Deputy Andy is one big Toy Story reference. One of Woody's pullstring phrases is "You're my favorite deputy!", something his owner Andy would have heard quite often, no doubt. And Eureka's Andy is a highly advanced android, something Woody's other favorite deputy, Buzz, would be quite familiar with.
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  • Screwed by the Network: Syfy ordered season six and there were rumors it'd be the last season. Then they said the cancellation rumors were false and they looked forward to more. Then they took back season six and cancelled the show for real. Luckily, they then ordered an extra episode of season five to wrap the series up.


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