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  • Actor Allusion: The tagline He will erase your past, to protect your future riffs on Arnie's role as The Terminator.
  • Bowdlerize: Originally rated "18" in the UK, Eraser came to video in a heavily-censored (three-and-a-half minutes of cuts) version which got a "15" rating. Anything considered sadistic in nature, including the train collision ending, was toned down.
  • Completely Different Title:
    • The Protector (Mexico/Argentina)
    • Absolute Removal (Greece)
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    • Burns the File (Brazil)
    • Eliminator (Czech Republic)
  • Fake Russian: As expected, the Russian terrorist leader is played by a Polish actor (Olek Krupa).
  • Follow the Leader: The railgun was such an Impossibly Cool Weapon that has become a staple of FPS games after the release of this movie. Examples include Quake II, Quake III: Arena, Shadow Warrior (1997)...
  • What Could Have Been: Jonathan Pryce was offered the role of Robert Deguerin, but chose a part in Evita instead.
    • The villainous company was originally called "Cyrex", but the name was changed to "Cyrez" when it was discovered that a chip manufacturer named Cyrix existed.

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