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  • California Doubling: Although supposed to be set in Hollywood, the show was primarily shot in the UK, using some truly impressive CGI work to make it seem as if dreary Britain was actually sunny California.
  • Career Resurrection: After the cancellation of Joey and going into semi-retirement not long after, Matt LeBlanc was often the answer for "Who had the least successful career after "Friends"? His well-received work Adam Westing as himself earned him a Golden Globe award and reminded everyone that yes, he was a TV star for a decade for a good reason.
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  • Creator Couple: David Crane and his life partner, Jeffrey Klarik created the series, and wrote every episode together.
  • Dawson Casting: The "kids!" on Pucks!. It gets lampshaded when Sean and Beverly hear from one of the actors about his divorce leading to their surprise at how old he is, leading him to say:
    Actor: You should see the guys on Glee, they're like 50.
  • Executive Meddling: Invoked in-universe. This is the main subject of the show. Merc Lapidus actually has a fairly respectable desire for his network to produce original shows, sick of the bandwagon thinking and Lowest Common Denominator appeal that he sees everywhere in Hollywood. Unfortunately he's so crippled by a complete lack of originality himself and a need to get instant gratification in the ratings that he turns every show he gets his hands on into the same bland dross he complains about.
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  • Irony as She Is Cast: Morning Randolph is older than her appearance because of the plastic surgeries she had to stay young, while in reality Mircea Monroe was 28 when she was cast on the show.
  • Fake American: Brits Daisy Haggard (Myra the network executive), Joseph May (Andy), Scarlett Patterson (Wendy the assistant), Sophie Rundle (Labia) and James Purefoy (Morning's brother Rob). Purefoy's American accent is quite terrible.
  • International Coproduction: BBC/Showtime.
  • Write What You Know: A British/American sitcom about writing an American remake of a British sitcom, written by American sitcom writers. In America!

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