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Trivia / Emergence (RWBY)

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Trivia for Emergence (RWBY):

  • Bonus Material: The Asides written for the story, ranging from retellings of canon events from separate perspectives to non-canon gag one-shots.
  • Creator's Apathy: Take a shot every time a chapter contains an author's note saying something to the effect of "I don't like how this chapter turned out, but I'm posting it anyway."
  • Outdated by Canon: Due to the series being written when RWBY only had 1-2 Volumes completed, several assumptions that the fics make are contradicted in future Volumes.
    • Winter is Weiss' younger sister rather than vice versa. Additionally, in the fic, Winter is said to be the heiress of the SDC after Weiss disappears. In RWBY Volume 3, Winter left the Schnee family to join the Atlas Military. Also, the fic makes no mention of Whitley and has Weiss' father's name be "Siegfried" rather than "Jacques" as both were introduced in Volume 4.

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