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Trivia / Elliot Moose

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  • Adored by the Network: TV Ontario loved airing these shorts to fill in the time between other shows on their kids' block, with as many as six segments airing per day. The show also ran for a pretty long time, as reruns only stopped fourteen years after its' Canadian debut.
    • In addition, PBS Kids, when they aired the show as part of the "Bookworm Bunch." made it the most promoted show of the block at the beginning of its run, showing some clips from the animated segments after the website bumpers for every show on the block. This ultimately did not help it, as the show and Corduroy would be removed from the block the following season. The clips played after the shows would only last about 5-10 weeks before being replaced with the more familiar song segments.
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  • Edited for Syndication: When PBS Kids aired the show as part of the "Bookworm Bunch" block, the episodes would have 5 segments, with 3 of the segments being animation and 2 being live-action. But on other places like Amazon, Treehouse Direct and reruns on Qubo, the show would only have 4 segments, with half being animation and half live-action and half animation. In addition, Amazon and Treehouse shorted the theme song to only the "Elliot Moose is on the loose" sections, while qubo aired the full theme.

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