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Trivia / El caso del bacalao

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  • Channel Hop: The first episode was published in Gran Pulgarcito, while the rest were on the Mortadelo magazine after Gran Pulgarcito went under.
  • Creator Backlash: Ibáñez disliked the practice of dividing the story in big chunks, and has gone to say Gran Pulgarcito magazine ended up folding down because of it. That's why the story continued in smaller, more chapters once he continued in Mortadelo.
  • Executive Meddling: Higher-ups in Mortadelo apparently forced Ibáñez to re-canonize the story as taking place in the old days, when the title agents worked as freelance detectives, on the belief that the TIA format would not be successful. That's why the Super never appears after the first part and the leads instead deliver their prisoners to the regular police.
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  • Troubled Production: According to a rumor, this was actually the second long story Ibáñez started, just after El Sulfato Atómico, only that he was forced to leave it in Development Hell after page 28. Whether the details are true or not remains unknown, but analysts have confirmed the the artwork up to p.28 resembles Ibáñez's early, Franco-Belgian-inspired style, while from that point onwards it follows the simpler, standardized Escuela Bruguera touch he would adopt afterwards.

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