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Trivia / El Bananero

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  • Cross-Dressing Voices: Mostly for his Gag Dub videos, El Bananero usually voices women (old women to be specific).
  • Fountain of Expies/Follow the Leader: For many, El Bananero is the main reason why other people started as youtubers in Latin America, seeing the success he has with his videos.
  • Memetic Mutation: His videos are so hilarious that memes has been created from his videos, mostly from Trailerazos series. One of the most known in Latin American community is the one attached with Harry Potter.
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  • Playing Against Type: Considered as one of the first "Youtubers" ever, even when the term didn't exist in the times he started, El Bananero doesn't consider himself a youtuber, but a comedian. Also he's against other actual Spanish-spoken youtubers, like ElRubius, Dross Rotzank or HolaSoyGerman.
  • Screwed by the Network: Mostly because of his Sex Comedy, YouTube has been harsh with El Bananero despite of his success and being one of the most visited channels in Latin America (though the harsher rules YouTube had regarding content creators in the past, around the time El Bananero began, certainly also had something to do with it). YouTube had closed various of his channels because of his strong content. Actually all his uncensored content can be found in his main website and only a few of his videos are uploaded to YouTube with a Censor Box.

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