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Trivia / Egao No Daika

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  • Fan Nickname: Given its swerve into Grey and Gray Morality and horrors of war, many western fans have nicknamed it The Price of a Gundam.
    • The name of the show can also sound like The Price Is Right.
    • Fans have called Princess Yuki "Nico Nico Nii" because of her very identical looks to Nico Yazawa.
    • There's also the nickname for the show Discount Code Geass because of the similarities of having mecha action and heavy politics combined.
  • I Knew It!: Many fans pretty much guessed that Stella was Leila's daughter based on the latter's backstory and the OP with Stella holding an orb with fish swimming inside, which was the exact same one that Leila's daughter was holding before they were separated long before it was confirmed in the final episode.
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  • Similarly Named Works: The title is similar to the name of a Sabaton World War I song, 'The Price of a Mile'.

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