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  • Descended Creator: The park has a tradition of having designers, technicians and other people involved in the creation of new attractions perform small voice-acting parts for characters in the park. The most extreme example is designer Jeroen Verheij, who co-designed the 'Symbolica'-darkride and not only voices its leading character of O.J. Punctuel, but even plays the character in several live performances.
  • The Wiki Rule: The park has its own wiki at
  • What Could Have Been: Before the existence of the Symbolica attraction. Henny Knoet (creator of Pardoes) planned on creating a permanent home for Pardoes called "Huis van Pardoes" (House of Pardoes) back in 1999. It was planned for the house to be located at Efteling Brink so visitors could see where Pardoes lived. Efteling later abandoned the idea in 2010, however concept art for "Huis van Pardoes" can be seen at the Efteling Museum.

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