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Trivia / Echo & the Bunnymen

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  • Channel Hop: The band were initially signed onto the WEA-owned Korova Records, with the 1987 Self-Titled Album being put out directly through WEA themselves, before being dropped in 1991 after the critical and commercial failure of Reverberation the previous year. When the band eventually reformed in 1997, they signed onto London Records, and remained there before shifting over to indie label Cooking Vinyl with the Turn of the Millennium. The band later switched over to the Ocean Rain Records vanity label for 2009's The Fountain, then to 429 Records for 2014's Meteorites, before ultimately signing onto BMG for The Stars, The Oceans & The Moon in 2018.
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  • Creator Killer: Reverberation was this for the band as a mainstream force. Produced and released following Pete de Freitas' death in a motorcycle accident and Ian McCulloch's departure for the sake of pursuing a solo career, the band opted to replace Ian with North Irish singer Noel Burke and attempt to continue the psychedelic-tinged Alternative Rock style of their 1987 Self-Titled Album, despite lacking the linchpin that was McCullough. While the album's sole single "Enlighten Me" was praised upon release and peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Modern Rock charts (in spite of only reaching No. 96 on the UK Singles chart), the album as a whole was lambasted by, fans, critics, and McCulloch himself as a pale imitation of what Echo & the Bunnymen once were, with particular criticism going to Burke lacking McCulloch's distinctiveness— many called him a Julian Cope soundalike. The album failed to chart in either the UK or the US upon release in 1990, and with the new incarnation of the band failing to make headway either commercially or critically, WEA dropped them in 1991. The band briefly lingered on in live performances before calling it quits in 1993, only reforming four years later at the behest of McCulloch, guitarist Will Sergeant, and bassist Les Pattinson, and while the band would maintain a stable career from this point onwards, they would never again reach the same levels of mainstream prominence that they held in the 1980's.
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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: As a result of its poor commercial and critical performance, Reverberation has never seen any reissues since its original release in 1990. The album did eventually see official inclusion on streaming releases, however, but the album still has yet to see any new physical releases, having been conspicuously excluded from both the 2003 remastering campaign of the band's back-catalog and the 2013-2015 LP reissues.
  • Working Title: Early live versions of "All My Colours" were released as "Zimbo".

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