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  • Acting for Two: Kari Matchett plays both Agent Siobhan Beckett and the Taelon scientist Rho'ha.
  • Executive Meddling:
    • After Majel scaled back her involvement there were a number of show runners and producers who came and went, each one trying to put their own spin on the series. A lot of this was designed to keep Atlantis Alliance happy. They felt that the show needed to be episodic given the syndicated nature of the show. This is why the main character gets replaced after season 1.
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    • Robert Leeshock wanted to stay on for season 5, but the studio execs didn't want to shell out the guild-mandated increased salary. Apparently, they did a massive staff restructuring before season 5, and had to re-invent the show to avoid paying the writers who had previously worked on the show bible, which brings us to, "oops, the Taelons are gone, but space vampires have begun to wake up!"
  • Fake Irish: Agent Siobhan Beckett is played by the Canadian actress Kari Matchett, who also portrays the Taelon Rho'ha.
  • Follow the Leader: Renee the Space Vampire Slayer. Basically, the Atavus were chauvinist, hyper-sexual aliens who were the new foil for the show's new main, Renee Palmer (who had been a supporting character in previous seasons.)
  • Troubled Production: Yeah, E:FC is a near perfect example of how everything can go wrong on a show. It was always on the verge of falling apart and reconfiguring into something else. Gene Roddenberry had the first season laid out, but after that, the writers started to wing it and cast members wanted off the show in droves.
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  • The Wiki Rule: The Earth: Final Conflict Wiki, and another Earth: Final Conflict Wiki.


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