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  • Dueling Movies: A four-way contest - squarely lost in the general public fame - with The Matrix, Dark City and The Thirteenth Floor. Although back then it would have been in last place, thanks to losing money, now a days its easily in third for being a minor cult classic.
  • Fake Nationality: Jude Law as a Canadian, Christopher Eccleston as a New Yorker, Ian Holm as a Hungarian, Don McKellar as... a generically foreign man, and Robert Silverman as an Oirishman. In the final scene, they all speak in their natural accents, prompting Holm's magnificent quote: "My accent was so thick that I could hardly understand myself!"
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  • Reality Subtext: Cronenberg himself has had some pretty bad experiences with censorship, albeit not to the level of normative dogmatics trying to assassinate him. His friend Salman Rushdie, on the other hand, did have that very level.


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