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Trivia / Dzwiedz 24

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  • Genius Bonus: Several obscure references based on historical and literary trivia:
    • The news ticker gag about "Złomowice Śląskie" in "Wake Up and Suck" - the old name for the Silesian town of Ząbkowice Śląskie was Frankenstein, and the "junk" pun fits near naturally.
    • The English title of Jacob Seed boss fight video, "The Glorious Revolution".
    • The location of the village of Nienacko (itself being a wordplay on the Polish word for "suddenly" - "znienacka") is a reference to Polish writer Zbigniew Nienacki - it's said to be located "in the Mazury region, on the way to Skiroławki", and Nienacki was known for his novel "Raz w Roku w Skiroławkach" (Once a Year in Skiroławki) and his love for Mazury.
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  • Throw It In!: the intro for Doktor Dźwiedźrespekt's "Songs to Chase Chickens To" video has the music cut off abruptly with the sound of glass breaking and debris fall from the top of the screen, with Dźwiedź looking up at something, looking startled. The description states "Well, I accidentally my ceiling light".
  • Woolseyism: occasionally, the subtitles and titles replace particularly obscure references or puns:
    • A flubbed expression of disbelief in "Pugubugu Island" is translated to a well known Landmark Sale one.
    "So uh huh, sure, do I have a brick, do I have a fucking bridge to sell you."
    • The word "cep" (flail) used as a derisive term for someone stupid, is translated as "flailure" in "Pugubugu Island".
      • This is referenced in "Wake Up and Suck: Eagran Uisce Beatha", where Dźwiedź comments that dying to Brigitte was a "flailure" on his part.
    • A pun based on the name of a Polish nationalist group is translated as "Mortars First" (reference to the nationalist group Britain First) in the Renegade Ops Backlog.
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    • "The Hangover" replaces a reference to a Polish film with a similar theme, "Kac Wawa".
    • "Gogol Bordello" replaces a reference to a Polish song "Bania u Cygana" (The Kegger at Gypsy's), since the band members are Romani.
    • A line from Kazik's "12 Groszy" is replaced with one from Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive" in "Gogol Bordello".
    • The Filk Song in "Gogol Bordello" has the lyrics changed to rhyme and keep the meter, at the cost of a reference to The Time of Contempt.
    • "E-I-E-Io!" replaces a reference to much-derided Polish "satirical" show, "Studio Yayo".
    • "This Is a Drill!" and "And This Is A Boss!" replace the Polish saying "Ni pies, ni wydra, coś na kształt świdra" (Not a dog, not an otter, something like a drill).
    • "Tank Goodness" replaces a reference to a Polish meme, "Nie Mam Czasu, Jadę Czołgiem" (I Don't Have Time, I'm Driving A Tank).
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    • "Walking on the Sun" replaces a reference to a Polish Moral Panic known as "Gra w Słoneczko", about alleged teenage sex parties.
    • A pun based on the surname of Polish writer Zbigniew Nienacki (see above) is replaced with a reference to Rednex song in "A Horrible Curse!".
    • "Operation Gypsy Bicycle" adds the word "Operation", for Mad Lib Thriller Title/Operation: [Blank] effect, in addition to the original Title Drop referring to the Heavy Pike used in the mission.
    • "Invaders Must Die!" replaces a reference to a pun from the Polish webcomic "Pvek".
    • "Barkley Shut Up And Jam!" replaces the slogan of an anti-litter campaign.
    • A reference to the Polish tradition of Christmas' midnight mass (pasterka) is replaced with "Too Much Eggnog" in a Crucikibble: Christmas Night Fever segment.
    • In the subtitles for the Chinese New Year episode of Wake Up and Suck, puns based on the word "tired" are added in reference to Junkrat's Rip-Tire.
    • The changed lyrics to a famous Polish protest song about a man killed by police during the protests in Gdynia in 1970 in "Black Thursday" (title being the reference to the day of the incident) are replaced with changed lyrics to "Poor Miner's Farewell".
    • A reference to late Polish hip-hop artist Magik in "Highway to Hel" is replaced with a reference to The Hudsucker Proxy. It Makes Sense in Context.
    • The lyrics to a song by Polish rapper Liroy are translated to rhyme in "Uncle Ripsaw".
    "Gimme yo mama, gimme yo mother, Fuck your drama, I'm a mother bather!"
    • The lyrics to well-known Polish song "Klub Wesołego Szampana" (precisely, the verse that mentions a hammer) are subtitled as lyrics for "If I Had A Hammer" in "Wake Up and Suck: London Calling".
    • A line from a highly memetic Polish song is replaced with a Life On Mars reference in the description of "Fifty Shades of Bray: Mars Attacks".
    • The "UFC" episode of Wake Up and Suck does this with Fun with Acronyms: a pun on Polish MMA event, KSW, is translated as a pun on UFC.

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