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  • All-Star Cast: The Japanese version of DNF consists of well known seiyuus such as Kana Ueda, Soichiro Hoshi, Daisuke Ono, and Nobuyuki Hiyama.
  • Bad Export for You: In addition to the changes down the page, exp tables were generally inflated to gross levels, bugs were rampant (to the point where one event may mess up social features of the game), and generally an inferior experience. Nexon had the gall to call it a "unique experience", something people remember because of this trope.
  • Cash Cow Franchise: You wouldn't know it by just looking at the Global playerbase, but Dungeon & Fighter is wildly popular in Asia, to the point where it prints more money than Nexon's other popular MMORPG. In fact, it makes so much money, it's made more money in 15 years than the aggregate box office sales of the entire Star Wars franchise!
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  • Doing It for the Art: The entirety of the "Once Upon a Time in Arad" event. The wild west-themed event consists of all new assets designed for DFO Global (barring some music tracks), notably with English dubbing from Neople themselves - with quite a bit of Surprisingly Good English, to boot. The devs were clearly quite proud of themselves, considering how happy they were to announce the event on their Twitch stream. After the event ended, Neople published three behind the scenes articles on their website, revolving around the event's exclusive artwork. (Wyatt, the Sheriff Kid, Loading screen artwork)
  • Fan Nickname: Plenty.
    • "Sword Mom" or just "Mom" for Sword Master, mostly because of her hairstyle in her 2nd Awakening art.
    • "Red Dog" for Berserker, primarily by Chinese players, since his level 85 skill briefly turns him into what appears to be a dog made out of blood.
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    • "Bug Mage" for Battle Mage, because of her numerous gameplay bugs and the fact that Neople is content with not fixing them.
    • "Milk" for Crusaders, because of a Chinese meme (see the YMMV page for details).
    • "Ebins" for Epic equipment, an intentional misspelling.
    • "Duffo" for DFO as a whole, which is what happens when applying Fun with Acronyms to acronyms that aren't actually words.
    • "Fashion Fighter Online", since many people regard avatars as the real endgame of DFO.
    • "Solo Fighter Online" for both the ease of leveling and gearing a character by yourself, and the fact that the developers keep making solo versions of endgame dungeons.
  • Follow the Leader: Dungeon and Fighter's overwhelming success lead to the creation of numerous semi-clones such as Elsword and Kritika, many of which attempt to bring the concept into 3D. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of these tend to be Korean MMOs.
  • Meme Acknowledgement: The mess that was DFOG's 2nd anniversary events (mentioned in the YMMV page) gets mentioned in the trailer of another event, of all things.
    • The above trailer also pokes a little fun at the "Deal with it" incident (see Memetic Mutation in the YMMV page for details).
    "What would you choose? Truth or power? Either will take you to a whole new different level, but you have to deal with it."
  • No Dub for You:
    • While the game had English Voiceover when it was under Nexon America, Neople decided to simply publish the game with its Korean voiceover. A poll held by Neople also showed fans voted in a slightly higher margin to stick with Korean voiceover work although some did it out of the belief it would get the game out faster.
    • Although there are mods available to bring the English voiceovers that Nexon America had to the Neople version, there's still none for Female Slayer, Knight, Dark Knight, Creator, Lancer, and all of the Post-Metastasis NPCs. Making it impossible to fully avert this.
    • Averted with the DFO Global-exclusive Once Upon A Time in Arad event, which was dubbed entirely in English by English voice actors residing in South Korea. The Phantom Thief and Detective event got a similar treatment, and it also marks the first time the male Slayer has been shown speaking in English since the Nexon NA days.
    • A weird case with DFO Global: Events imported into this particular version of the game from the Chinese version are, strangely, left dubbed in Chinese. The only known exception is the Legend of Camelot event, which had parts of it return as permanent content and given a Korean dub to replace the Chinese one.
  • No Export for You: The game has gone back and forth on this over the years; for quite some time, the game was unavailable outside of specifically supported regions, and Nexon's US version eventually shut down. The western version was revived with the "Global" banner indicating that it is available to play for all regions outside of those that already have a version of DFO in their country, but due to the jump to Metastasis early in Global's lifespan, the pre-Metastasis version of Female Slayer was never brought to Global.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: The AI-controlled Dungeon Fighters in the Tower of Anguish are all based off of actual players in the Korean version, chosen through an in-game event. The players' names and avatars are retained.
  • Screwed by the Publisher: It was after a certain point left to rot by Nexon NA, creating a lag in content updates and hackers running rampant, leading to the game's closure in North America. The cause is implied to be not making as much money as other games. In contrast in Korea it's one of the top 10 games consistently and of the sub-genre it popularized here, considered the best.
    • The Taiwanese version suffered the same fate but with Garena handling it, reminding people of what happened with Nexon NA
    • Developers to the Rescue / Uncanceled: NeoPle, the developers of the game, decided to publish the game themselves, without the involvement of Nexon NA, with an Alpha Test starting May 15, 2014 and the game being finally released at the end of March 2015.
  • Trolling Creator: DFO Global's admins have been known to log in occasionally and mess around with players in global chat. For instance, giving a random channel number that's ostensibly lucky for hell mode.
  • What Could Have Been
    • Early concept art for the Female Slayer portrayed her as having a ghost arm like the Male Slayer, instead of having an otherwise normal arm whose energies are sealed by a small stone.
    • Likewise, Early concept art for the Knight notably lacks the Fanservice of the current incarnation, instead sporting an overall more regal appearance.
      • Her Dragon Knight and Lightbringer subclasses had different art in the announcement poster than what's currently being used.
    • The female priest's early design had a much more bubbly appearance than her current design.
    • Director's notes over the years talk about various quality-of-life changes for the game that never saw the light of day:
      • A raid was planned for the Empyrean Kartel, which was deliberately going to be easier than Anton to ease newer players into learning raid-like mechanics. The closest the actual game has ever gotten to this (in any version) was tutorials that only stuck around for raid-specific events.
      • Sometime in 2018, there were plans announced to introduce a "rune" system for specific skills (think Diablo 2) that changed their mechanics/damage/hitboxes/etc. to keep Chronicle set effects around after the planned removal of said sets. It took the DNF team an entire year and the sacking of at least one director to put out something resembling a tech demo for this concept in August 2019, with the real thing finally coming out later that month.
      • Level 95 craft Epics were planned at one point, but overall changes to level 95 gearing that made getting Epics in general vastly easier to do eventually made the concept obsolete.
  • The Wiki Rule: The DFO World Wiki, Wikia Dungeon Fighter Online Wiki, and StrategyWiki Dungeon Fighter Online Wiki.


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