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For the film:

  • The Merch: Parker Brothers merchandised the film with a board game. It didn't sell well, and examples have become somewhat scarce.
  • One-Take Wonder: The climactic scene was filmed in one take due to budget restrictions, since it shows the tanker truck driving off a cliff. A mechanical malfunction during filming caused an unintended addition to the scene: the truck door hanging open from where the stunt driver had to jump out at the last second, which some viewers mistook for a hint that the Serial Killer driver character escaped the crash.
  • Technology Marches On: This film is another case where a cell phone would have given the screenwriters headache, and if remade today this would have to be explained. Though due to remoteness of the location and Just Toying with Them it would still hold better than most of the films with similar premise.
    • When remade in 2015 as the low budget Wrecker, the "no reception" excuse was used.
  • What Could Have Been: Gregory Peck was considered briefly to play the lead before it was decided to make it a TV-movie. Dustin Hoffman was also considered.

For the Game Show:

  • Friday Night Death Slot: The U.S. version was moved to Fridays at 8:00 PM for Season 2. The ratings halved, and it was canceled at the end of the season.


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