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Trivia / Dude, Where's Our Car?

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  • If your parking space does not have a stall number, then the best way to prevent this from happening to you is to memorize a landmark to use as a reference point. Even if you have a stall number, a landmark will help you find your car faster. Remember that a landmark like "the bush" or "the lamppost" is not very useful unless you are dealing with a poorly lit and/or landscaped lot.
  • If your car has a vertical antenna, you can put something interesting and visible on it, like a plastic lemon. This trick is also common in areas that get deep snow, like the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and Western New York, so people can find their cars after a blizzard dumps 4-5 feet of snow over 2-3 days.
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  • Advice: If your car has a remote alarm, use it. That way you find your car in no time and you get a use for those things. Many such devices will, if you press the "lock" button, make a fairly polite tweet or similar noise and/or flash the lights to aid the user in locating the car without annoying others in the area.