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Trivia / DuckTales (2017) S2 E24 "Moonvasion!"

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  • Acting for Two: Three, actually. Chris Diamantopoulos voices Storkules, Darkwing Duck and the Mickey melon in this episode. However he's never Talking to Himself because the three characters don't share a scene.
  • Actor Allusion: Chris Diamantopoulos, the other current voice for Mickey Mouse, has a role as Donald's watermelon who looks and sounds like him. It's either this or Role Reprise, depending on whether you see Melon and Mickey as different characters or the same.
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  • Jossed: Some fans thought the mascot of Funso's Fun-Zone was a teenage/young adult version of Max Goof, due to being voiced by Jason Marsden. Turns out it's actually the Phantom Blot.
  • Recycled Script: This season 2 finale borrows a lot from the season 2 finale/series finale of Wander over Yonder , also co-written by Francisco Angones: an intergalactic threat (led by a green-skinned alien) leads some type of invasion, and the heroes gather many of their allies, and a loud and hammy Keith Ferguson-voiced villain (who considers himself the protagonist's Arch-Enemy), to help them out. There's even a scene near the end of both episodes where the villain gets cheered upon for helping the heroes.
  • Role Reprise: Chris Diamantopoulos, who voices Darkwing Duck & Storkules, voices the Mickey Mouse melon. But since the character rights for Mickey was not included for DuckTales, it is listed in the credits as "Melon" instead.
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  • Trolling Creator: Before the premiere, Frank Angones revealed on his Tumblr that someone on the season 3 poster was going to die in this episode, leading to mass speculation as to who it would be. Come the episode, and the death toll includes one of the Lil' Bulbs, at least two of Gyro's clones (one of which may have been the real Gyro... they aren't sure), and watermelon Mickey, all of whom were on the poster.


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