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  • Development Hell: The movie. Pulp Fiction scribe Roger Avary wrote several drafts before the project was cancelled. In his own words: "In the Driv3r game, Timmy Vermicelli was a joke character based on Tommy Vercetti, the character from GTA III. So I made Timmy the villain, who kills Tanner, who would be played by Michael Madsen who voiced the character in the game. Tanner's son, Driver, hunts the killer around the world for revenge, eventually ending up in Iraq, where the mob has been hired by the U.S. government as a subcontractor of drugs and prostitution in the green zone. The basic idea is that Vermicelli drives around shooting people in Iraq, much like GTA, but it always gets blamed on insurgents — so he does it with impunity. Think of the movie as GTA set in Bagdad." After submitting extensive storyboards to the producers, a higher-up from the studio came down and insisted the movie be made for $40 million. The project was dead less than a week later. Avary has commented that seeing Drive "nullified my need to make the film."
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  • Dueling Games: With Grand Theft Auto in 2001, started almost entirely by GTA. However, Driver wasn't really good as a GTA clone, which led to the third game's mockery by critics and even Rockstar Games themselves in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Driver: San Francisco smartly dropped the GTA pretenses by becoming a pure open world racer with no on-foot controls, instead making car-switching easier with the Shift mechanic that made the game stand out.


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