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  • Box Office Bomb: Budget, $68 million. Gross, $33,715,436 (domestic), $75,715,436 (worldwide).
  • Creator Killer: Lawrence Kasdan says that the film's failure damaged his career, and two films he tried to produce afterwards weren't picked up because of it. He wouldn't achieve Career Resurrection until writing The Force Awakens nearly thirteen years later!
  • Deleted Scene: An earlier scene showed the boys with Josie - the girl with intellectual disabilities - who they later rescue from the sewer drain.
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  • Fake American: As is now expected with Damian Lewis. To portray Mr Grey speaking through Jonesy, he uses an English accent (which is apparently an impression of Malcolm McDowell ).
  • Name's the Same: Mr. Grey: A giant shit-weasel alien intent on destroying Earth, or a hot stalker billionaire Jerkass?
  • Playing Against Type:
    • Morgan Freeman is the antagonist. And a Knight Templar at that.
    • Donnie Wahlberg as Duddits is another one.
    • Also one of the few times Damian Lewis has been a Non-Action Guy.
  • Those Two Actors: Damian Lewis and Donnie Wahlberg had starred in Band of Brothers together.
  • Write What You Know: The graphic scene where a vehicle runs down a major character comes from Stephen King suffering a near-fatal accident himself shortly before writing the book.

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