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Trivia / Dream House

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Trivia for the Game Show:

  • Creator Backlash: Bob Eubanks called it "Dream Furniture".
  • Hey, It's That Sound!: The 1980s run recycled a buzz-in noise from another NBC game, Blockbusters.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Both runs are gone.
    • The ABC version was wiped with only one ABC daytime show (August 1968) existing as a black-and-white copy.
    • The 1980s version was reported in 2013 to have been destroyed in a flood in series creator Don Reid's house, along with its production materials and music. About 15 episodes (including Pilot #3, the premiere, and the Grand Finale) of this run are known to exist.
  • Screwed by the Network: The NBC version was ranked third among all daytime game shows as late as the spring of 1984. It was replaced that summer with Scrabble which would run for 5¾ years, occupying the same time slot Dream House had for the first three.
  • What Could Have Been: GSN tried to acquire the rights to rerun the 1980s series before it was revealed that a flood destroyed the master tapes. Whether the flood happened before or after GSN's attempted contact with Don Reid is unknown.

Trivia for the Movie:

  • Creator Backlash: Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz and director Jim Sheridan hated the final cut so much that each of them refused to go out and promote the movie.
    • Sheridan's dislike stems from him being locked out of the editing room as punishment for bad test screenings (he did do studio-mandated reshoots, though).